Quite a little artist!

Our Abby has really become quite a little artist. She’s always loved to doodle but now She’s really into cartoon faces. She’s also exploring different shapes. Here’s a few of her recent work.

This is a car:

And her self-portrait:

A silly face:


Backpack Bear and Tinkerbell

Abby’s been working on drawing faces for a while. She drew Backpack Bear (left) and Tinkerbell lately. When she was done with Tinkerbell she said she needed hair and added it on. Aren’t they cute?

Wonderful kind!

Michael: Abby, you are one of a kind!
Me: Abby, that means you are special and unique. You know that?
Abby: Yes! “Wonderful kind”!

Oh little precious, do you have to grow up?

God made mommy!

Oh how I love my conversations with Abby these days. 2-year-old is not an easy age but we try to focus on all the good times we have and the growing we have been able to go through together!

So at lunch today I asked Abby if she knew who made her. This is her reply: ‘God made mommy, God made daddy and God made Abigail. And God made pancakes and strawberry cream’! She has such a good sense of humor. 🙂

Jingle Bells

We didn’t make it to the Christmas Eve service this year. Since Abby and I were both under the weather, we decided to stay home. I read her the Christmas story and we all (nana was visiting) watched Polar Express together. When got to the part where the train was going down a very steep incline, this is what Abby said: “Wow! They are going all the way! Just like Jingle Bells. Oh what fun”! I turned and looked at her in utter disbelief of what she had just said. My baby just turned 2 the day before!! We all laughed out loud. She’s so precious!

Almost Christmas!

Just wanted to upload a picture of our beautiful girl who is turning 2 in a few days…

A few cute things…

These are not funny but some cute things Abby said recently:

I read her the Sandra Boynton alphabet book last night before bed time. We hadn’t read that book for a while. When I finished, Abby said “That’s a nice story!”.

This morning I made a berry banana smoothie. It came out a little thick so I said: “It’s just like ice cream”! Abby replied: “Just like the restaurant”! I took it as a compliment! 🙂

When I opened the blinds this morning, Abby said: “Wow, pretty trees”!

I’m thankful for a happy child and the positive words that come out of her mouth!

She’s also been pretending she’s lost her voice every now and then. It’s the cutest thing. She learned it from Leap Frog complex words complex in which Mr. Websley lost his voice. There is a lot of silliness in this house!